Bill Maher had Neil deGrasse Tyson on the latest episode of Real Time. My wife and I enjoy watching the program and sometimes it leads to some interesting debates. However, after watching the passionate Tyson speak of life on Mars, the wife and I came to the same conclusion. Laugh all you want but the Scientologists may have gotten it right.

I know you are asking yourself what the (insert profanity of choice) is he thinking?  But please give me a moment to explain. Tyson explained that Mars' habitat was ripe for life with running water prior to our rotating home. With life on Mars existing there Tyson postulates that there were tardigrade or "water bears", which are water living microbe animals. During this time an impact occurred with the surface of Mars that created space debris, perhaps an asteroid in size, with these water bears embedded in the displaced matter.

So eventually some of the Mars debris lands on its neighbor planet, Earth. These amazing microbes can withstand radiation, can survive extreme temperatures, can survive without food for more than ten years, and can also be re-hydrated after 10 years of water deprivation. Luckily, these are just the perfect characteristics for interstellar space travel. As Maher said cockroaches have nothing on those water bears.

So the scientific conclusion, according to Tyson, is that life on Earth, is seeded by life on Mars. How mind blowing is that when you really ponder its implications?  I'll give you a moment to ponder...ok.

Now I need you to refocus please.

So my wife then says to me that the Scientologists are right. I respond by saying "What in Jah's name are you talking about?" My wife retorts, "The Scientologists are right. They believe life life on Earth originated from extraterrestrial cultures and I believe Mars would qualify."  Notice that my wife is up on the political times and didn't use the term "alien" but instead used "extraterrestrial ".  Not looking for any of those type debates. Anyway, What could I say?  As she is generally right (I think I'll get brownie points for that) I was left to agree. The Big 3 Religions really don't subscribe to the life on Earth comes from life on Mars playbook.

To reinforce her well made point (again racking up points), my wife explained to me that the fact that the Scientologists are right on our "origins" islike the cosmic equivalent of having billions of monkeys with typewriters and one of them produces Shakespeare. Unexpected indeed.

We discussed how ironic it was that the Scientologists got it correct. Will Scientologists argue that the Big 3 Religions don't deserve tax exempt status ?Should Tyson be recognized as a Scientologist? Will Tom Cruise and John Travolta star in a new Scientology produced action comedy movie "Look Who's Right Now:  Mission Improbable 12" ?

After a few laughs, we decided to shut the TV off and go to bed. And I said my prayers like I always do.

Now I drop me on my bed, I pray to the Church of Scientology to help my aching Martian head,  If I shall dehydrate while I'm sleepy, I pray that Tom Cruise will bring water to me.