No one to speak
Upon there behalf
Now tell me do they stand a chance? 
Where there's, more food
Than mouths to feed
Where you find those who
Claim to lead
Because of all their personal greed
They always want more than they need
They don't help those
Below the half
Instead they stand aside and laugh
As if it's all we'll ever ask
When will they make a change?
-Damian Marley

As we are currently celebrating the 5% unemployment rate, which is an achievement, there are lots of real economic issues that exist that people are simply ignoring because they are inconvenient truths.

When I was in Colorado last month, I discovered that Denver was booming due to the new cannabis economy.  Real estate, jobs, deal making, sales are all up. However, there is a very real part of the economy that is not feeling the "trickle on" effect.  Those are the homeless, the shelterless,and  many former military veterans. They all go without because so many others go on with more than the could possibly ever need.

I stayed at one of the nicer homes in the Denver area during my stay, and the comparison to the conditions of  the homeless living on the streets is in stark contrast to the notion that the U.S. is a first world country.  And it might be, but the U.S. has a "third world" living among and with us.  

As President Ronald Reagan used to say, it is a recession when your neighbor losses his job, but when you lose your job it is then a depression.  In the dark of night I did not take the time to individually speak with these people I was walking past.  Mind you, I wasn't scared or afraid, I just didn't know what to say or even how to offer help to so many that appeared foresaken and broken.  I was truly stunned to see such a sight again, as I had witnessed similar homelessness in NY during the mid 1990s.

So this growing "third world" population, and ignored group, will continues to seek refuge, will continues to seek shelter, will continue  top seek medical and psychiatric care, will continue to seek financial assistance, will plead there case to the government for reform and will just unfortunately continue, until they just can't any longer.

The homeless have no lobbyist.  They have no PAC.  They have no Super Pac. They have no voice to speak on their behalf. The homeless have no true voice in the political system - besides the occasional emotional charged scorn heaped on them from being lazy, shiftless or criminal.  Ghandi had stated that "The measure of a civilization is how it treats its weakest members."  

But for the grace of Jah, there goes I&I.  Do the homeless and poor stand a chance?  Do we as U.S. Citizens measure up to the ideals that our country was found upon?  Something to think about on this Veteran's Day.  Jah Bless our Military before, during and AFTER the battles are fought.

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